Felt Tip Theatre Company

Felt Tip Theatre Company, a locally-grown professional theatre group based in Armidale, taking part on the Annual Porchetta Festival 2014.

Felt Tip Theatre Company will present an original performance based on the characters and scenarios of the Italian theatre form commedia dell’arte. Commedia as a form, sprang out of the Italian marketplaces in the mid- to –late Middle Ages, and is the first example of professional theatre.

Commedia troupes toured the countryside, performing outdoors, and whose broad (and often bawdy) humour appealed to the masses. It is from commedia that we get the term ‘slapstick’, which, as the name suggest, was literally a stick used to slap characters for comic effect. Actors wore masks that represented a stock character (ie. the know-it-all academic, the miserly lawyer, the cowardly captain, etc.), and would often improvise and engage directly with the audience.

Felt tip Company’s performance at Porchetta will consist of a handful of masked actors, workingwithin a rehearsed framework, but encouraging audience participation. The humour will be family-friendly, with just enough bawd to amuse adults, but enough to fly over all but the most worldly ofchildren’s heads.

In addition to this, we will also hold character building exercises and/or drama games, to compliment the workshop on mask making taking place.